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Drum Carders

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Ashford FINE Drum Carder Carding Machine - 72 PPSI
Now including a packer brush and cleaning brush. Drum carder for carding wool, alpaca and other fibres into smooth, even batts.
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Ashford WILD Drum Carder Carding Machine - 72 PPSI LONG TEETH
Drum carder with extra-long teeth and a built-in packing brush for smoother, thicker batts.
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Ashford SUPERFINE Drum Carder Carding Machine - 120 PPSI
Ashford's drumcarder now with a superfine carding cloth for alpaca, merino and other fine fibres.
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Ashford Drum Carder Packer Brush Kit
Make smoother, thicker batts on your Ashford drum carder.
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Replacement Ashford Drum Carder Awl
If your Ashford Drum Carder is missing the awl (doffer), this is the replacement.
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Incl GST
Ashford Book of Carding - Revised Edition
Learn to prepare fibres with this practical guide to hand and drum carding.
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Drum Carder Cleaning Brush
Handy tool for cleaning away leftover bits of fibre stuck to the drum carder rollers.
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