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Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel - Double Treadle with Carry Bag

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The Joy 2 comes with a sliding hook flyer as standard plus new larger sized bobbins. These hold 30% more yarn than the older style bobbins. Fill the bobbins easily with the squeeze & slide stainless steel hooks. Graphite fibreglass arms make these new flyers strong and light. Another new modification to the treadles places them in a 'ready-to-go' position to start treadling with your right foot. Comes with a padded carry bag for storage and travel.

Love to travel? The Joy is ultra-compact and lightweight. Available as either a single or double treadle, the Joy offers smooth, easy spinning. It's unique design allows it to fold flat with the bobbins stored in the frame. Four flyer ratios to create chunky through to lace-weight yarns. Made from furniture grade plywood finished with clear lacquer.

technical details
Wheel Diameter: 40cm
Orifice Diameter: 10mm
Orifice Height Above Floor: 60cm
Bobbin Capacity: 130g
Drive Type: Single
Ratios: 6, 8, 11, 14
Weight: 6 kg

Frame & Wheel: Furniture grade plywood
Wood Finish: Lacquered (clear varnish)

what's included
1 x Double Treadle Joy Spinning Wheel with Sliding Hook Flyer (pre-assembled)
1 x Joy Carry Bag
3 x Sliding Hook Flyer Bobbins
1 x "Learn to Spin on an Ashford Wheel" Booklet and User Instructions

ordering information
International customers : Ashford products may only be shipped to New Zealand addresses, in compliance with Ashford's policies.

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