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Ashford Book of Carding - Revised Edition

learn to card
This is a practical and inspirational guide to carding fleece, slivers and exotic fibres. Written for the hand spinner and felter, and everyone who loves fibre. There are sections on using flick, hand and drum carders, fibre and colour blending, colour theory and four innovative projects including a shawl, scarf and socks. Step-by-step instructions and full colour photographs envelope you in a world of colour, texture and the endless possibilities of fibre. Jo Reeve.

revised edition
Now expanded to include sections on the Ashford Blending Board and how to card for self-striping yarn.

"What is carding?
Carding is the term given to untangling and opening up fibre in preparation for spinning. It can be done by hand (teasing) or by using one of three tools described in this book - a flick carder, double hand carders or a drum carder. Each tool has numerous rows of metal teeth that align fibres for spinning. The number of teeth per square inch can vary and is measured in points. The higher the point number, the more suitable for use with finer fibres.
Using these tools correctly and in harmony with good quality fibre, means your carding will be relaxing and enjoyable. There is always a sense of satisfaction from carding by hand. It can feel almost ethereal as fibres are gently brushed or blended together in preparation for the next part of their journey - a unique yarn. Take your time with all methods of carding, choose your fibre carefully and you will be rewarded for your work."

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