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Custom Length Stainless Steel Reed

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Swedish stainless steel reed, custom cut at the Ashford factory, to the length you require. Before ordering please check your measurements thoroughly. We cannot accept returns on custom reeds.

Also please check that the reed rail (1.4cm thick) will fit nicely into your loom's beater slot. When properly positioned, the warp threads should not touch the bottom reed rail. If the bottom reed rail is positioned too high, the warp threads can press down against it and pick up a staining black residue. 

he reed measures 12.8cm in height. The top and bottom part of the reed is 1.4cm thick, and the end caps are 1cm wide. The steel dividers are 1.2mm wide. The reed is priced per inch (2.54cm) and cut to the length you require. Choose which DPI you need from the drop-down box. Enter the number of inches in the quantity box.

For example, if you need a 10 DPI 30 inch reed, choose 10 DPI from the drop-down box and type 30 in the quantity box.

 **Please note that the number of inches you order will be the length of the reed measured from end to end. The actual weaving width is approximately an inch less than this measurement, due to the space the end caps occupy.**

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