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Table Loom Accessories

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Texsolv Heddles - for Table & Jack Looms
Available in 40 heddle bundles for Table Looms. 100 heddle bundles for Jack Looms.
Incl GST
Texsolv Straight Pegs - (25/bag)
Texsolv straight pegs are used to adjust the length of a loom cord.
Incl GST
Texsolv Anchor Pegs - (25/bag)
Texsolv anchor pegs are used to attach loom cord to treadles, lamms and shafts.
Incl GST
Bungy Cord (pair) for Ashford Table Looms
Spare Bungy Cord for the automatic beater on Ashford Table Looms.
Incl GST
Cross/Warp Sticks for Ashford Table Looms
For looms 40cm/16", 60cm/24", 80cm/32" wide.
Incl GST
Raddle Kit for Ashford Table Looms
~NEW~ Improved raddle kit for fuss-free warping.
Incl GST
Stainless Steel Reeds for Ashford Table Looms
Choose from 6, 8, 10, 12 & 16 dpi (dents per inch)
Incl GST
Custom Length Stainless Steel Reed
Stainless steel reed custom cut to the length you require.
Incl GST
Second Back Beam for Ashford Table Looms
A second back beam is useful when weaving with a mixed warp that combines fibres with different properties.
Incl GST
Loom Stand for Ashford Table Looms
40cm, 60cm and 80cm.
Incl GST
Loom Stand Kit for the Ashford 16 Shaft Table Loom - 60cm
This stand is made especially for the Ashford 16 Shaft Table Loom.
Incl GST
Ashford Warp Thread Weights
Sold as a pair.
Incl GST
Ashford Handi Handles - 2 sizes
Assists in turning the warp handles for those with limited hand mobility
Incl GST
Handle Set for Ashford Rigid & Table Looms
Includes handle, cog, pawl and pin.
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