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Ashford Sliding Hook Flyer - Standard DD

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fill bobbins evenly
Light and strong graphite flyer arms support stainless steel squeeze-and-slide hooks. These sliding hooks allow easy repositioning along the length of the bobbin. 
Fits: Ashford Elizabeth 2 (Double Drive), Traditional (Double Drive), Traveller (Double Drive) spinning wheels
Orifice Diameter: 10mm
Bobbin Capacity: 130g
Ratios: Elizabeth 2 (8, 10.5, 14) Traditional (7.5, 9.5,13) Traveller (6, 8, 10.5)
Wood Type: New Zealand silver beech
Finish Type: Natural wood. (Best finished with wax polish or similar to protect the wood)
what's included
1 x Sliding Hook Flyer - Double Drive
1 x Sliding Hook Bobbin - Double Drive
(instructions included)

Is this the correct flyer for your wheel? Please contact us if you have any questions.

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