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30-32 Micron Carded Perendale Wool Sliver/Roving/Top - Natural White - 100g

Premium grade, 100% pure New Zealand Perendale wool, washed, carded, gilled and combed into roving/sliver/top. We have chosen the best fleeces from local farmers specialising in the Perendale breed.
The Perendale was breed in New Zealand by Professor Peren from selected Romney and Cheviot stock. It has high bulk with exceptional spring and resilience, so knitted garments are warmer and keep their shape. The wool is comparatively fine.
This crimp is retained when spun, trapping air and providing wonderful insulation. Garments are also better able to spring back into shape after washing and wearing.
Fibre diameter: 30-32 micron
Staple length: 12.5-15cm (5-6ins)
suggestions for use
Spin into a medium semi-worsted or woollen yarn with approx 6 twists per 2.5cm (1in) in a plied, washed yarn.
Knitting: Suitable for jerseys and blankets.
Weaving: Suitable for weaving blankets as the yarn is springy and soft.
Felting: Suitable for both wet and needle felting.

Amount: 100g pack

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