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Ashford 8 Shaft Jack Loom

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floor loom
Ashford 8 Shaft Jack Loom. Features include bottom pivot beater with built-in shuttle race, large rising shed, removable front and rear beams, quiet parallel lamms, easy action warp advancement with steel ratchet, friction rear brake, built-in raddle, easy warp stick attachment, easy treadle tie-up changes, smooth nylon shaft guides and easy shaft removal. Comes as a kit requiring assembly.


Shaft Number: 8
Treadle Number: 10
Weaving Width: 97cm/38"
Reed: 12dpi 
Heddle Type: Texsolv
Weight: 58kg
Loom Folds: Folding back beam
Construction: New Zealand Silver Beech Hardwood
Wood Finish: Lacquer (clear varnish)
what's included
8 Shaft Jack Loom (97cm/38") - Kit (with assembly instructions)
12dpi Swedish Stainless Steel Reed 
35cm Boat Shuttle
Built-in Raddle with Cap Rail
5 Cross Sticks
10 Wooden Warp Sticks

Texsolv Heddle Set (800 heddles)

ordering information
We are unable to offer the standard large order discounting on this product. Please contact us for any current specials.
International: This loom may only be shipped to a New Zealand address, in compliance with Ashford's policies.

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