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Ashford Dye 12 Pack - Colour Collection

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12 colour pack. For wool, silk and other protein fibres. Colours intermix easily. These are easy to use acid-set dyes. Use household white vinegar (or citric acid) and heat to set the colour.

Colour card samples were dyed at 1% concentration (10g dye per 1kg of fibre) giving vibrant colours on white wool. Use lower concentrations of dye for pastel colours.

Pot size: 10g
Colours: Gold, Orange, Red, Fuchsia, Violet, Sapphire, 
Turquoise, Peacock, Shamrock, Indigo, Chocolate and Coal (Black).

If you have used Ashford dye before, this is a brand new range of colours. The previous colour range (up until March 2022) has been discontinued.

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