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Shuttles, Bobbins & Winders

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Ashford Boat Shuttle (incl. 1 bobbin)
The boat shuttle is used when weaving with a finer weight weft yarn. Shuttle length: 29cm or 35cm
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Boat Shuttle Nylon Bobbins (pack of 10)
For the Ashford Boat Shuttle.
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Bobbin Winder for Boat Shuttle
Used to evenly fill the Blue Nylon Bobbins that fit the Ashford Boat Shuttle.
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Ashford Stick Shuttle - 7 sizes
Shuttle lengths: 15cm, 26cm, 36cm, 46cm, 56cm, 76cm, 120cm.
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Ashford Belt Shuttle for Inkle Weaving
For use with Inkle looms. Shuttle Length: 18cm.
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Ashford Wooden Boat Shuttle Bobbin Winder
Designed for winding bobbins for the Ashford boat shuttle.
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Pick Up Sticks - 8 sizes
Available in 7 sizes: 26cm/10", 28cm/11", 36cm/14", 46cm/18", 56cm/22", 66cm/26", 76cm/30" and 86cm/34"
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