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Wider SampleIt Loom: Ashford SampleIt 40cm/16" Loom
Electronic Spinner: Ashford e-Spinner 3
Weaving accessory: Warp Thread Weights


16 new colours: Merino Wool Roving/Sliver
Weaving Kit: Ashford Starter Kit
Weaving Tool: Ashford Weaving Needles
Floor loom: Ashford Jack Loom
Wool: Tencel-merino blend
Felting packs: Rainbow Brights
and Fluro
Tapestry beater
5/2 and 10/2 weaving cottons
available in 18 colours
Ashford electronic spinner 
now includes the option of a foot pedal control for the e-Spinner 2
15 DPI reeds
for Ashford Rigid Heddle and Knitters Looms.
Vari Dent reed kits for Ashford Rigid Heddle and Knitters Looms.


Felting Wool Packs: Corriedale wool sliver/roving in popular multi-colour packs. 


Dyed Wools: Merino and corriedale  wool silver/roving colours in 100 gram bags.

Sample Boxes: Sample boxes of merino, silk-merino, alpaca-merino and corriedale colours.


Alpaca-Merino Blend: Baby alpaca fibre blended with fine merino wool. Roving/sliver available in a selection of heathers and natural white. Alpaca Merino Blend


Silk-Merino Blend: Soft blend of fine silk and merino. Silk/Merino Blend

Stripey Blend Slivers: Stripey Blend Corriedale roving/sliver. Multiple colours carded together in stripes.


Needle Felting Kits: Easy needlefelting kits. Include step-by-step instructions, wools, needles etc.

Blending Board: Blend fibres, colours and textures easily into ready-to-spin rolags. 


Drum Carding Machines:
Superfine Drum Carder. The Ashford Carder is now available with a finer 120 PPSI cloth. 


If you've inherited an Ashford spinning wheel, try these upgrades to make the most of your spinning experience. A Maintenance Kit contains all you need to replace worn flyer hooks, springs, brake-bands etc. To make treadling easier, replace an old drive band with a polycord Turbo Kit. For a larger capacity bobbin, add a Sliding Hook Flyer. And to make plying easier, this Lazy Kate has a tensioning system that stops bobbins over-winding and accommodates all sizes of Ashford Bobbin.
 Maintenance Kit    Sliding Hook Flyer     Competition Lazy Kate   Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel


If you're wondering where to begin, this book will guide you in the wonderful art of making yarn. The Ashford Book of Hand Spinning by Jo Reeve with 116 pages of full colour step-by-step photos. 

Ashford Book of Hand Spinning 


Needle Felting Kit     Felting Wool Packs       Weaving Frames       

Try Wet Felting

Play with felting wool, water and soap to make felt food, felted pictures, toys & decorations. Fun for all ages from preschoolers up.

Learn Needle Felting
Older children may enjoy the absorbing craft of making almost anything you can imagine with a little wool and a felting needle.

Start Spinning Yarn 
Introduce kids to the thrill of spinning their own yarn on an easy-to-use student drop spindle.

Weaving for Kids
A simple-to-use wooden frame is a great way for children to weave their own picture or rug.  


Wheels & Whorls is a New Zealand online stockist of fibre craft supplies including Ashford weaving looms, spinning wheels, drop spindles, wool carding machines (drum carders), wet felting & needle felting wool sliver, spinning wool, dyes and more.
Popular Products
Incl GST
Cotton Tapestry Loom Warping Thread - 200g (550 metres)
Strong Loom Warping Thread for the Ashford Tapestry Looms. 100% cotton.
Incl GST
Felting Wool Multi-Colour Packs 100g
Corriedale wool in convenient multi-colour packs.
Incl GST
Wool Dye (10g) - Acid dyes for protein fibres
Easy to use. Choose from 12 vibrant colours. For wool, silk and other protein fibres.
Incl GST
Nuno Felted Scarf Kit - Silk & Merino
Simple introduction to nuno felting.
Incl GST
Merino Wool Sliver/Roving/Top - Cheesecake - 500g
100% pure New Zealand merino wool, professionally washed, scoured, dyed and carded into sliver/roving. Put up amount: 500g bump
Incl GST
Ashford Book of Needle Felting
With just a little wool, a needle and this book of needle felting patterns you can create felt food, figures, animals, flowers, decorations and unique works of art.
Incl GST
Colour Sample Card for Ashford Dyed Slivers - Corriedale & Merino
Fibre samples of all Ashford Dyed Corriedale carded wool colours mounted on card.
Incl GST
Ashford Kiwi 2 Spinning Wheel
Learning to spin? Easy-to-use, the Ashford Kiwi is especially suited to newcomers and is great value.
Incl GST
Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel - Double Treadle with Carry Bag
The Joy now comes with a sliding hook flyer as standard plus larger sized bobbins.
Incl GST
Needle Felting Kit - Book, Wool, Needles & Tools
Everything you need to learn needle felting.

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